Chain Collar

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Holds Twice the Chains/Bands: Double the Fun

The PROLOCâ„¢ 3 Collar is made from high strength nylon. These collars fIt any bar with a diameter ranging from 1.937" to 2.007" (Fits most bars, Fits all olympic bars) Compatible with Olympic bars and Powerlifting bars as well as most logs, cambered bars, Swiss bars, and safety squat yoke bars. Sold in sets of TWO.

It can also fit smaller bars but cannot be used as a collar, more like a chain holder.

These collars will be able to support a tested 675 pounds of chains per collar.  Making training with these collars extreme flexable.  

The strenght and durability of these collars can last in the hardest gym environments for years.

This collar just comes in BLACK.

Heavy Duty Handles can be added to these collars for $20.00

Warranty is TWO YEARS. By ordering, you agree to the warranty found here