PROLOC COLLARS             
                                        "Holding Strong"
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 I am pleased to introduce a product line that is now available for Global distribution  – “Proloc” Collars. 
Our collars are an innovative way for weight lifters to secure weights to Olympic bars.   Proloc chain collars can also be used to hold chains up to 400 lbs combined weight. The patented (pending) design allows a strong “lock” for attached equipment, and also assures the weights remain secure during any workout.

There are many advantages to using Proloc collars including easy on and off knobs that accommodate all users.  They are also universal and can attach to various size bars (including swiss bar, econo farmers walk, logs, rackable cambered bar, safety squat yoke bars and solid fat bars).  Proloc collars are made of durable nylon plastic to withstand the abuse of everyday wear and tear in the gym.  There are three different styles of Proloc Collars available. Our Standard collar, our single chain collar and a double chain collar.  We take pride in manufacturing our product in the USA.

Over time Proloc collars will prove themselves to be cost effective as they outlast conventional spring and other collar designs.

If you are interested in purchasing Proloc, would like to discuss adding Proloc collars to your product line  or  for use in your gym please contact us via email
Adrenalin Using New Color Proloc Collars
Holding Strong at Slater's Hardware




                            OLD SCHOOL GYM
A little background on Proloc!
-  I have always been a weight lifter but for the last 15 years I have been powerlifting.  Twice I held the NY State record for deadlift and bench press.   I am very familiar with other collars currently on the market.  One of my biggest issues where how they did not last or hold the weight.   Being a machinist by trade, I wanted to create a collar, that will out last other collars, while making it a universal product for beginners to professional lifters.  I developed some prototypes, that we tried out in the gym I work out in.  After a few different versions,  about 8 months of tweaking dimensions and sampling on different types of bars to ensure a universal fit, we honed in on the collars that we have today.  The gym I workout in still has all the prototypes we experimented with as well as purchased additional sets of the final collar.  almost four years later, these collars still work as well as the first day or as we say are still "Holding Strong" as our collars really do "Just work". 
 After developing our standard collars, our next thought was to create a collar that would be able to hold chains and bands.  This is when we invented the Proloc 2 (single chain collars)  and Proloc 3 (Double chain collars).  Our customers then requested  something to protect a bar.  This was by far our biggest challenge but finally developed the Proloc Blocker. 

We are always looking to improve and keep up with the latest equipment for all types of fitness. Feel free to contact us with any ideas or suggestions you may have. 

Shawna Mendelson demonstrates how easy to use and how secure Proloc holds your weights in place!
Jane Santos (Professional Body Builder loves her collars)           
APF NYS Powerlifting Championships Lindenhurst Long Island  

Try our Single Chain Collars for all your lifting needs, capable of holding 675 pounds of chain per collar!
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